Mission Statement

Myrna Knows Travel wants to help expand the minds and hearts of Americans through global
travel and adventures and to help people live beyond their comfort zones and discover a whole
new world.

About me

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as hopping on a plane and getting whisked away to a glorious destination.
Places where you are introduced to new and exciting cultures, new people, new cuisines, adventure and loads of fun activities.

Over a decade ago on a lazy Sunday afternoon I watched the movie “The Bucket List” and it literally changed my life. Since then I have, sky-dived, flew and landed a plane in Virginia, hang-glided in Maryland, parasailed in the Caymans, zip-lined in Belize, rock-climbed in Costa Rica, walked the sea floor in Cozumel, got in a cage with a live Tiger in Thailand, walked with Lions in Africa, snuggled with a Koala in Australia, walked the Great Wall in China and rode on a camel in Dubai and so much more! Yes, I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie but the experiences of traveling to foreign lands, immersing myself in different cultures and expanding my worldview has enriched my life exponentially.

I went from a life of absent-minded automation and merely existing to a life filled with adventure and truly living! I no longer take any day for granted and now I want to share that wanderlust with others, show that traveling can be affordable and how you can make your bucket list a reality too.

Who am I? I am Myrna the CEO of Myrna Knows Travel.

Myrna Knows Travel is a travel site that offers a multitude travel destinations and activities.

Our mission at Myrna Knows Travel is to continually define and redefine group and individual traveling. We give our customers the ability to travel and explore their planet, by offering them the best traveling prices in the industry and the capability to plan their own trips from beginning to end. We offer hotel bookings, car rental services, bus and/or train tickets, car service, and “things to do” at any location. At Myrna Knows Travel, we have you covered one hundred percent. Our website is easy to navigate which means that you can effortlessly have planned your dream trip with the tap of a few buttons.

To ensure every trip is memorable and worth every dollar, don’t forget to take advantage of our tour page. Through it, you can schedule exciting tours depending on your chosen country or city of travel. Las Vegas, for instance, has an all American helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon, and if you are visiting Rome, you can treat yourself to a hop-on and hop-off sightseeing tour.

So there you have it new and experienced travelers; when it comes to helping you reach beyond your comfort zones to discover a whole new world,

Myrna Knows Travel has you covered.

Happy Travels,
Love Myrna

Where’s Myrna?

Imagine it. Living a life of rapturous pleasure, where you treat yourself to an amazing time touring the world and experiencing all the planetary wonders within beautiful cities. You can start with a weekend getaway to Paris also known as the city of love, or take off to New York City, the city that never sleeps and get caught up in the wondrous culture and diversity.

Sounds like pure heaven, right? Well to bring to our audience the beauty of travel and tourism, and to encourage my readers in sharing my love of the world and all of its wonders, the “Where’s Myrna?” travel calendar was established.

The idea behind “Where’s Myrna?” is to share the excitement of hopping on a plane, meeting new people, visiting new places, and having a great time immersing ourselves within diverse cultures. The calendar will provide details and updates of where I will be traveling to next and how you can join when I create group travel trips. I’ll share beautiful pictures and videos that capture amazing travel moments, and personal stories will be uploaded for each trip taken. So, each time I travel, you
can keep up to date with my destinations and the wonders within it. If you are someone who has always wanted to travel but didn’t want to do it alone, it’s a great way to join and be a part of a group with the same enthusiasm and curiosity for world travel!

Having laid that out, my next upcoming trip will be to Quebec City, Canada. The trip is titled “Quebec’s Christmas Market”. Keep up with my activities like traveling back in time to rural Quebec, strolling through the cobblestones streets of the city, going to cafes and open-air patios, admiring the beautiful public arts, and the gorgeous Christmas decorations in the quaint Quebec City, the only walled city in North America, acclaimed as the most French city outside of France.

So check in with “Where’s Myrna?” often and while you’re at it, don’t hesitate to join me and discover fabulous places across the globe for yourself. Let’s explore the world together!!!

Happy Travels,
Love Myrna

Traveling with Pets

Hola fellow travelers! This is the Bear chilling at the beach in Playa de Carmen, Mexico. He is a bit of a world traveler because if you’re like me, you just can’t imagine going on a trip without every one of your family members which includes your fur baby.

If that sounds like something you’ve felt before, then know that you’re not alone. Yes, many people can relate and it’s understandable that you want to take that journey, with your pet close by. A lot of pet owners worry about their pets when they are going to be gone for a while or when vacationing, so the best way to ensure they are fine and your peace of mind may be to take those furry babies along with you.

There are some obvious reasons why you may want to travel with your pet, and quite a few travel agents, hotels and transportation modes understand this. Aside from the companionship that your pet continually provides on your travel, you’ll also, more importantly, not have to worry about them being mistreated or the separation anxiety they might experience while you are away. Taking them along allows you and your loved ones to spend all the time you want on your vacation- without feeling like you have left a valued family member behind.

However, traveling with pets isn’t always convenient, which is why some travel companies still see the need to place restrictions on it. If you must travel with your pets, then there are important things to note and/or put into consideration.

Preparing to travel with pets

The following are some important steps to take when preparing to travel with pets:

  • Find out and know the restrictions on traveling with pets
  • If you’ll be taking flights on your travel, then the first thing you probably need to do is to find out what airline providers allows your specific type of pets. 
  • The pet owner also has to find out if their destination city or country, allows immigrant animals. 
  • Finding out the details helps you know what to expect, as well as the proactive measures to take. Not finding all the facts before you travel, may lead to quarantine and separation of your pet and other unwanted delays and inconveniences.
  • Get an appropriate pet carrier crate; whether you’ll be traveling in a car, by air, or by sea, a pet carrier crate is of utmost importance. The crate helps make things easier for the pet owner, as well as significantly protecting the pet from harm.
  • Using the appropriate carrier crate, you can ensure your pet is comfortable, while still restraining them from roaming all around. 
  • Note that a good number of airline operators will allow you to travel with your pet, but only when required conditions are met such as:
    • Regulation travel carriers
    • Updated health records from the Vet (including updated rabies vaccines)
    • Declaration of pet socialization and liability

If you don’t want to be stranded or unable to take proper care of your pets during the journey, then you should:

  • Include proper budgeting and cost planning for the pets, in your preparations. Pricing for pet feed and care products differ from place to place, so don’t be too sure you already know what it takes. 
  • When adding the costs of taking care of your pets to your expenses, it is advisable that you also add some funds for their possible medical needs too. This is important, as pets fall ill due to environmental changes, and other triggers that they become exposed to.

Additional things to consider…

When traveling with pets, the type of preparations you’ll need to do may depend on your pets’ peculiar or specific needs. Since you know your pet’s tendencies, the decision whether to ultimately let them go on the trip or not would be up to you. However, before traveling with pets, you’ll ideally need to consider three broad factors:

  • Your convenience when they’re with you on the journey
  • How convenient the trips and events would be for the pets themselves
  • The other people who your pets may interact or come in contact with.

In the end, you’ll discover that traveling with pets can be rewarding and fun-filled too- probably more than you thought. All you need do is put the right things in place, and you both will be just fine.

Happy Travels, 

Love Myrna & the Bear

Girls Trip!!!!

Why It’s Important to Getaway and Commune with Your “Sistahs!”

“True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island… to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.” – Baltasar Gracian

No matter what your life engagements may be, either a career merry-go-round or a busy mom, never let your life activities get in the way of fun, for sanity sake. When last did you have a getaway with just your girlfriends? Do you let your busy lives get in the way of your union, or companionship? If you have negative answers to the above questions, you’re getting it all wrong. 

Don’t underestimate the power of the bond between you and your girlfriends.  Whenever I feel like “I can’t do this anymore, or this is too much for me, and I need a break from life”, the first people that come to mind are my girls, they never let me down. We meet people from all walks of life at different time intervals and that is why it’s important to always keep in touch and commune with them every now and then, the best way I and my girls get this right is going on a “girl’s trip”. 

We take time off work, to travel to any country of our choice and just spend time together and share our feelings and experiences, which help us to learn and cope better with our lives. No doubt, this helps in a big way, I guarantee you that you’ll come back refreshed, recharged, totally satisfied and ready for normal life activities again. 

There is something special about this, it feels like some sort of mental and spiritual detox, where judgment is unacceptable. Traveling with your girls is a healthy escape and makes life more memorable. 

Here are a few benefits regarding the importance of getting away and communing with your “sistahs”:

Girl Talk. 

If you haven’t tried talking with your sisters in a foreign setting, trust me you’re missing out on the whole heart to heart thing. Have you ever had a bittersweet sensation (no pun intended)? This is what it feels like when you’re pouring out to your girls on a trip. It’s important you do this with them often, because you’re depriving yourself of so much if you don’t – whether it’s sex talk, men talk, fashion, TV series, drinks, or other girl convos too numerous to list, sharing your truths will help to relieve your mind? It also strengthens the bond between you and your girls. 

It Is Socially Satisfying

There is a special kind of feeling that comes with reconnecting with friends, it’s rewarding, and everyone there will feel great in their own way, having taken out time from their busy schedules to come and have fun with each other. In a new social setting, you can immerse yourself in new sights and sounds, meet new people, and shop ‘til you drop, attend a show, and let’s not forget shot, shot, shot shots!

Schedule? What Schedule?

Normally we have routines and never-ending “to-do-lists” we have to attend to on a daily basis, but while on a girl’s trip it’s fun to abandon agendas, set plans, or knowing what to expect next, and just go with the spontaneity of it all. You can wake up whenever you want, eat when you want, vacation the way you want experiencing a carefree time without following the normal rules, instead you can make your own rules. There are no set agendas, everyone moves according to their own schedule. It’s the best thing ever, trust me. 

When I Reminisce…

On a girl’s trip you can reminisce about the good old days before life and “adulting” became the norm. Remember how you were in  high school or college, any nicknames you may have had, hilarious teenage hijinks? Whether playing a risqué game of “Never Have I Ever” or singing a round of Karaoke, spending time with your girls sharing past memories and experiences, remembering how carefree life was, looking back at old pictures and marveling at how much you’ve all grown, and accomplished and how exceptional it is you’re still friends is so worth the trip!

Personally, I make these get-togethers a priority in my life, because life is too short not to be spending some of it with my “sistahs” who lift me up, hold me down and are just as passionate about life as I am. We all deserve pure honesty, complete relaxation and moments free of judgment and responsibilities to recharge our batteries as we cope with the ups and downs of daily life. So for all my ladies reading this, you need to call on your girls right now and plan your next girl’s trip!!!

Happy Travels

Love Myrna & Her Girls!

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